What Does It Take To Operate A High-End Restroom Trailer?

Organizing a lavish wedding or large event? There can be a few problems to consider while deciding on the location for the wedding day. Generally speaking, some locations lack enough restrooms to accommodate the number of guests you anticipate. Standard porta potties are usually the first thing that spring to mind when you think about temporary restrooms. In most cases, standard porta toilets are great, but perhaps not on the day of your wedding or black tie event. Luxury restroom trailers may help with that.

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Considering a High-End Portable Toilet?

In essence, luxury restroom trailers are luxurious porta-potties. They have wood floors, running water for hand washing sinks, air conditioning and heating, and flushing toilets as standard features! To match various occasions, they are also available in a variety of sizes.

Now that you’ve discovered the ideal substitute for a portable restroom, you could be asking what’s needed to keep one of these opulent restroom trailers running. For any event or wedding, a fully functional restroom trailer must meet a few specifications. To ensure that you are prepared for the big day, we will go over the usual criteria with you.

Flat Accessible Surface

After you’ve decided on a location for your event or wedding, you should talk to them about where to put your opulent restroom trailer. This brings us to the first necessity for a restroom trailer: a level, easily accessible surface. What does “level and easily accessible surface” mean? When choosing the ideal location for your opulent restrooms, there are a few considerations to contemplate.

There must be a level area for these opulent restroom trailers to be parked on. Although it doesn’t have to be paved, the driveway must be sufficiently level so that the trailer won’t tip over on one side. Ensuring a level area for the trailer’s positioning is crucial to its proper functioning.

The fact that a vehicle will need to tow your trailer inside is the next item to think about. This implies that the truck will either be traveling on the grass or you will be parking your restroom trailer in the venue’s driveway. Find out at your venue if they have any rules on rental placements.

Our drivers must be able to get to your site, but you need also make sure your visitors can get to the trailer. You may believe that the ideal location is on your venue’s driveway. However, getting there might be difficult if it’s too far from the actual location of your event. Find the finest compromise between your venue’s goals and your visitors’ priorities by working with them.


Electricity is the next necessary component for a luxury restroom trailer to function. Pumps, air conditioning, heating, and electrical lighting are just a few of the appliances that need electricity to function.

Now, how many electrical circuits your restroom trailer needs truly depends on the one you hire. For example, our considerably bigger Onyx Ultima restroom trailer needs four 110V 20Amp circuits, whereas our smaller Prestige restroom trailer just needs one 120V 20Amp circuit.

What should you do, therefore, if there is no electricity at your location? There is a workaround if the electricity at your location is either nonexistent or not accessible in the necessary quantity. To connect to your opulent restroom trailer, you can rent portable generators. Your sales representative can assist you in determining which restroom trailer best suits your needs and in ensuring that you have the necessary electricity.

Source of Water

A water supply is the last component needed to operate your opulent restroom trailer. We’re not discussing anything insane, like hooking up to the city water system. Really, all you need a garden hose and a water tap to run your opulent restroom trailer.

Is there not a water spigot at your location? Not an issue either. Water-holding tanks are available for rent and are located next to the restroom trailer. The fresh water needed to run your trailer will be placed inside these enormous 500-gallon water tanks when they are delivered.

That’s it, dear! All you’ll need to run a premium restroom trailer is that. All you need is a level, easily accessible area, power, and a water supply. Generators and portable water tanks can be used in place of power and water spigots if they are not available on location.